Option 1

$22.00 Hourly Rate

I charge an hourly rate when you contact me to update or change your site.

Option 2

$40.00 Monthly Fee (2 Hours) (Paid In Advance)

You can also pay a monthly fee. During that month, you can contact me anytime to make changes or updates needed. The fee covers two hours worth of work.



$22.00 Hourly Rate


$600.00 4 Page Website Upfront

$100.00 each additional page

$22.00/hr data entry (menu, price list, etc.)

Website Service

$0.00 Instant Menu and Price List

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$0.00 Products and Services
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$0.00 Real Estate Listings
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$0.00 Online Rates and Reviews
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$22.00 One Hour Consultation

$22.00 Hourly Rate

Updating and Maintaining


  1. I will need one hour of your time to review the site. We can do in person, over the phone, or correspond via email. We will discuss the changes and possibly make the changes as we review.
  2. If necessary, I will make changes discussed.

Build a 4 Page Website

  1. The website will consist of a Home Page, Services Page, About Page, and Contact Page.
    Note, I will build you more pages for an additional fee per page and you can substitute other content for those 4 pages. Adding a menu costs more unless you have your menu in pdf format. Shopping carts cost more unless you do all the entries.
  2. I will give you an estimated time of when it will be completed during our consultation. Typically takes 40 uninterrupted hours.


  1. I will need at least one hour of your time to discuss your needs and to get started. We can do it in person or by phone. I suggest having an idea of what you would like your site to look like before our consultation. Please view other websites online and make a list of the sites you like the look and feel of. Also provide me with a list of your competitors and what you like and don't like about their sites.
  2. I can walk you through the steps of purchasing your domain name and website builder. Or you can click on the ads to the right and get started yourself. You will have complete ownership of your account and will only be granting me access to it. Be sure to write down your username and password and put it in a safe place. I will need this information to get started.

Ready, Set, Go


We create websites you have complete control over.

We know creating a website can be intimidating; however, there is no excuse why a business can't have the best website design with the tools so readily available to access online and the minimal cost it takes to have one. Our philosophy is to keep it simple. Should you hire us to build a website, we will be building it together. From the start, you will have complete knowledge and control of everything related to your site. This gives you the ability to update and maintain your site yourself or have someone in your office do it.

Why is it important to have full control?

The majority of our clients have had a web designer in the past and for one reason or another they were unable to update and maintain their site when they wanted to because someone else had complete control. Ask yourself... what happens if I need to make one change, what if I need to just update one area, what if my web designer goes out of business, what if I can't get in touch with my web designer? It only makes good business sense to have a website you can access and change yourself.

Will we assist you if you need help updating or maintaining the site?

Absolutely. You can hire us to help as you need us or pay us a monthly fee to help you maintain the site. We've been designing and helping businesses update and change their sites since 2007.