General Office Duties

Graphic Design, Marketing,

Desktop Publishing, Social Media

Web Design

Billing Assistant

Human Resources

Event Planner & Vendor Coordinator


Social Security Manager

Sherwood PTA
PTA Member- Fundraiser
August 2006 - May 2011

Willard Intermediate PTO
PTO Member
August 2011 - May 2012

Willard Orchard Hills
Elementary PTO Member

August 2011 - May 2013

Gulf Elementary PTO

PTO Member
August 2013 - Present

Gulf Middle School PTO

PTO Member, SAC Secretary,
and DAC Representative

August 2013 - Present


Microsoft Word




Adobe Photoshop



Email Service Providers

Customer Relationship Managers CRM

Cloud Storage Services

Fax Services

VOIP ServicesRemote Meeting Services

POS and other Payment Gateways

I pick up on software technology super easy and quickly. Count on me to be able to jump in whatever program(s) you currently use.


Social Security Determinations Manager

3+ Years

  • Manage all social security files after hearing
  • Answer client questions
  • Answered phones, screened calls, and schedule appointments
  • Tracked, collected (letter and call), and applied payments toward out of pocket expenses
  • Prepare and file fee petitions
  • Prepare monthly reports using Excel  

18+ Years

  • Maintain extensive client contact and act as a primary point of contact for assigned clients
  • Maintain accurate calendar for assigned tasks and ensure that all deadlines are met
  • Review, draft, analyze, process, and organize discovery
  • Prepare and process litigation and/or settlement documents and correspondence specific to the practice area
  • Prepare for and attend hearings or trials or certain conferences with assigned attorney
  • Work cooperatively with other professionals inside and outside of the office to secure hearing times, coordinate discovery, or handle other necessary meetings and/or events
  • Assist attorneys with the factual development of the case
  • Assist attorneys with the procedural issues attendant to any matter and with any necessary research
  • Assist attorneys in preparing legal briefs to file at USCD level
  • Maintain legal files
  • Effectively capture billable time and meet billing requirements
  • Handle miscellaneous clerical work for firm generally or for any individually assigned attorney
  • Request, review, and submit medical records
  • Perform other work requested or necessary to ensure smooth functioning of firm
  • Experience delegating and training individuals my job duties


Event Planner and Vendor Coordinator

4+ Years

  • 2009 to 2012 planned 6 different scrapbook fundraising events for Children's Miracle Network in Springfield, Missouri. On average 100 scrapbook enthusiasts came to our 8 hour one day event with their own supplies to scrapbook, shop, and take classes. I created a team to assist in finding the venue, marketing, getting volunteers, collecting payment before and during event, contacting and organizing vendors, running the event, clean up, and meetings.
  • Attended at least 4 craft show events as a scrapbook vendor from 2009 to 2012. Responsible for preparing inventory, setting up booth, sales, and make-n-takes.
  • Set up a booth at school and non-profit organization events to present Reward4ORGS program.
  • Volunteered to be in charge of many spring and fall festivals and major fundraising events for my children's school which generally involved vendors, volunteers, silent auctions, and much more.
  • Volunteered for four years to be in charge of craft time for a MOPS group at a local church.


Billing Assistant

18+ Years

  • Managed account receivables and served as liaison between the business and the accounting firm.
Human Resources

10+ Years

  • Hiring and managing employees and independent contractors
  • Negotiated wage contracts and salary structures
  • Interviewed and trained employees



10+ Years

  • Effectively communicate brand image to customers by explaining company philosophy and style
  • Sell retail product to walk-in customers and sign customers up for classes or services
  • Process store transactions and assist cashiers with boxing, packaging, and wrapping
  • Lead efforts to drive sales revenues: meeting or exceeding sales quotas
  • Develop a client book for establishing relationships with recurring shoppers
  • Assist marketing staff with store setup, merchandising, sales displays, and general marketing materials
  • Sales charting, inventory management, and daily financial audits


Web Design

10+ Years

  • Created and maintain this site,

  • Created and maintained websites for companies I owned.
  • Create desktop and mobile websites for business clients.
  • Videos
  • Flyers/Brochures
  • Name Tags
  • Posters
  • Banner and Car Advertising
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Text Marketing
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • T-Shirts
  • Online Newsletters
  • Press Releases
Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Marketing, Social Media,

10+ Years

General Office Duties

18+ Years

  • Communicate well with customers, vendors, clients, and team members
  • Experienced in customer service, sales, and office support
  • Provided customer service to walk-in visitors
  • Performed multiple tasks simultaneously in fast paced office environment
  • Knowledge of multi line phone systems
  • Plan and coordinate events, meetings, and conferences
  • Read and filter executive email
  • Prepare personal and corporate personnel agendas, schedules, and itineraries
  • Accept payments using credit card terminals, mobile and online gateways, POS Systems, check readers
  • Typing (75 WPM), filing, copying, faxing, postage, computer printer, switchboard, copy machines
  • Enjoy repetitive data entry work
  • Experience in transcribing in person and by dictaphone
  • Order supplies and equipment through multiple vendors
  • Became a member and attended social networking groups (i.e. Area Chambers and BNI Groups)