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What is a
Freelance Office Assistant?

   Not an employee but a contract-for-hire.
   Flexible- works as needed.
   Pay as-you-go or set-a-pay.
   Can work at your office or from my home office.

Secretarial Services in Cape Coral

Are you looking for someone to help your business for a day, month, seasonal, 

as you need it, or for a project? Perhaps you're an individual looking for a personal assistant at home.Individual Assistance

As your Florida virtual personal assistant, I can offer secretarial, administrative, desktop publishing, marketing, social media marketing, web design, networking, event planning, and payment processing from home or if you have an office or home in the Southwest Florida area, I can come there. As an owner of two previous businesses, and now this business, I personally know what it is like to run a business and the pressures associated with it. I will cater to the needs of your business giving you a professional, reliable, and affordable administrative and marketing service. 

Technology Company 5+ Years   ~   Legal Firm 8+ Years   ~   Services & Retail 8+ Years