Do you have a CRM
Customer Relationship Manager Software?

Badgers Business Solutions was created to help you take control of your business. 
Turn potentials into clients by tracking each step and not losing them in the cracks by implementing a Customer Relationship Manager. 

How it Works
-Import business cards and contact lists into the CRM.

-Step by step you move that contact through a funnel. From potential to client.

-Create automated marketing email campaigns to filter out the bad contacts and follow up on the interested potentials. 

-Create tasks under a contact or create an event on your calendar

-Sync your email and other programs with the CRM

​-Track your outside marketing within your CRM 


Want one-on-one help learning?

Part of being in control of your business is having the ability to jump in and make changes or additions as you need to. Therefore, we encourage you to learn and are more than happy to help train you.

Get Started Today before you lose potential clients!

We offer a free consultation over the phone or in person. Contact us at 863-733-6101 to set an appointment.

Looking for a CRM?

We can help you find the right CRM that fits your business needs and then assist in creating, managing, training staff and/or updating the CRM.

We recommend Agile CRM.

The cost is completely FREE to start and great for small businesses. 

Click on the image below or on the following link 


Already have a CRM?

We have the skills to step in and use the program you already have to help you stay on top.