Badger Business Solutions in Cape Coral
Includes the following services, but not limited to:
Social Media Consultant
Social Media Agency
Social Media Marketing Companies
Text Marketing in Cape Coral

Badger Business Solutions in Cape Coral
Merchant Account Services
Secretarial Services


Head Spinning? Make it stop!

Badger Business Solutions in Cape Coral

Are you a frustrated website owner?

We help business owners gain back control of their website and stay in control. We offer consulting, training, creating, assistance in making additions and changes, and if necessary, will help you create a new website so you have complete control moving forward without needing the help of a web designer.

Accepting Credit Cards | Small Business Merchant Services

Accepting credit cards is a necessary evil. Although we all hate paying the fees, it is the cost of doing business. So, why pay more than you have to. With all the rules and regulations, different equipment and POS systems, it can be confusing. Let us help you navigate through all the BS. Because we are independent (a broker), we customize your credit card processing to fit your needs, not ours.

We offer many merchant services solutions such as POS Systems, Mobile and eCommerce Processing, Cash Advances, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, ATM Machines, and more.

Hire help, so you can focus on making the money!

A freelance in-office and/or virtual assistant steps in when you need them to work on a project or be in charge of the BS so you can focus on what makes the money. We offer secretarial services in Cape Coral and surrounding ares not just for your business, but also for your personal needs outside of business as well.

Processing + Free Marketing Software | YES....FREE

Choose a POS, Terminal, Tablet, Swiper, eCommerce and Get a Free Easy to Use Social Email Text Website Marketing Software to access from your POS Tablet Phone or Computer. Anywhere!

Got problems? We got solutions!
Lost Control? Gain it Back!

Take back "control" of your business | Social Marketing

Do you have the passwords? Can you make additions or changes anytime you want?

Don't be stuck waiting for someone to get it done for you!

We are social media consultants for small businesses. Get rid of the BS and get in control of your business again.

Text Marketing | Cause everyone has a cell phone!

How many unread emails do you have on your phone? How many unread text messages do you have on your phone?

Let us help you get instant access to your customers whenever you want and wherever they are.


We take the BS out of Business Solutions!